The Board of Directors of PEN Cyprus was elected at the Annual General Statutory Conference on January 23rd, 2021. The members of the Board will serve for three years as follows:
Klitos Ioannides
Vice President
Evridiki Pericleous Papadopoulou
General Secretary
Angela Christofidou
Public Relations
Maria Michaelidou
Susan Papas

The new Board of Directors of PEN Cyprus has set clear goals and with their implementation will navigate PEN Cyprus to modern, digital age, while preserving its history, in its publications and archive.

The goals for this three-year period are the following:

  • The faithful complying with the objectives and the regulations as they are recorded in the new Charter of PEN Cyprus and in the PEN International Charter.
  • The creation of a modern, easy-to-use, bilingual website that will reflect everything that has been done so far, everything that is in progress and the future strategies and planning.
  • The reinforcement of the active participation in the actions of PEN International, through its activities, committees, resolutions, partnerships of cooperation and assemblies. The organisation of international conferences. Twinning with national centres of other countries.
  • The continuation of the production of quality publications and their presentations with the aim of promoting Cypriot writers at national and international level.
  • The social responsibility and offering through the publications and actions of PEN Cyprus. The creation of synergies and cross-sectoral actions aiming at using the impact of logos and the arts on dealing with contemporary social issues.
  • Creating a digital archive.
  • The increased activity of PEN Cyprus at European and international level.
  • The promotion of the works of the members of PEN Cyprus and Cypriot writers at international and national level.