CYPRUS PEN welcomes displaced writers that need a PEN Centre and are near Cyprus, to communicate with Cyprus PEN. Please kindly write an email using the contact application on our website and we will guide you into applying for a Displaced Writer Membership.

As PEN International states in the context of the “make space” campaign, launched in 2017, “Some of us have been displaced; some of us are refugees and asylum seekers; some of us have lived in exile or have been forced to go into hiding in our own countries. But we are all writers and use words in ways that can shift and inform the society around us. And – whoever we are, wherever we are – when we consciously make space for the stories of displaced communities within our own, we make space for a shared cultural understanding that enriches us and connects us, disrupting the systems of division that alienate and dehumanise. It is time to act, and to act together.”