Cleopatra Makridou-Robinet

Cleopatra Makridou-Robinet


Cleopatra Makridou-Robinet was born in Nicosia, Cyprus. She graduated from the Pancyprian Gymnasium. She studied chemistry on scholarship in Grenoble and Lyon, France and holds a PhD in Inorganic Chemistry (Docteur de Spécialité). She was for many years an official of the French Ministry of Transport and Works and of the Ministry of Ecology and Sustainable Development where she served as Director of the Water Resources Department in Orléans. She is married to the French academic Jean Claude Robinet and is the mother of two children.

She is president and active member of Friends of Cyprus associations in France where she contributes to making the voice of Cyprus heard. She divides her time between France and Cyprus.

Her book Song of Love and Mourning has been translated into Albanian and published in July 2016. The books Memorial - Tracing, Entopia voice and Echo of memory have been translated into French and published by "Variations " in bilingual edition in October 2015, June 2019 and February 2024 respectively.

Her works have been published in literary magazines and poetry anthologies in Cyprus, Greece, France, Croatia... Her poetic work has been awarded with the Silver Medal in June 2017 by the International Academy Arts-Sciences-Lettres based in Paris. In addition, in the year 2021 and 2022 she received the Grand prix de la Francophonie (Association des Poètes Peintres Européens des Landes).

Her book "Echoes of Memory" was selected among the four shortlisted books for the 2022 Cyprus State Prizes.
The occupied municipalities of Milia and Lefkonoiko awarded her book "Re Alexis - The leader of a doomed revolution" in April 2019.


  • Ode for Cyprus, Nicosia 1992
  • Father, why have you abandoned me, Nicosia 1994
  • Salamina te, Nicosia 1996
  • When you’re Old Father, Nicosia 1998
  • The Disease of Herakleides, Nicosia 2006
  • The Kappa of Cyprus, Nicosia 2013
  • Memorial, Ode to the Lost Petty Officer Cyprus G. Ioannou, Tracing, Nicosia 2014

  • Re Alexis, The Leader of a Doomed Revolution, Nicosia 2015
  • Song of Love and Mourning, Koukkida Publications, Athens 2015
  • Entopia Voice, Koukkida Publications, Athens 2017
  • Ealo the Soul, Koukkida, Athens 2018
  • Odysseus, Koukkida Publications, Athens 2019
  • Doros Loizou - The Beauty of the Revolution, Koukkida Publications, Athens 2020
  • The Echo of Memory, Mandragora Publications, Athens 2021
  • The Harvest of Memory, Kookkida Publications 2022
  • The Teeth of the Rain, Mandragora Publications 2023
  • Pissa Galazi, the Beauty of Poetry 2024
  • She has edited the Anthology of Contemporary Cypriot Poetry, a bilingual anthology in Greek and French, "Editions variations", France 2016