Eva Koursoumba

Eva Koursoumba

I was born in Nicosia, on the island of Cyprus in the Mediterranean in May, when swallows fly back to rebuild their nests, and aromatic roses bloom in gardens.

From a very young age I made up stories and acted them out with the help of my friends. When I was 15, I set out to discover the world, first in Germany (Kollegium Palatinum, Heidelberg – secondary school), and then in the United Kingdom, (Saint Clare’s Hall, Oxford – A Levels/ University of Westminster - B.A. Honours in Media Studies).

Upon my return to Cyprus, I worked at the Cyprus Broadcasting Corporation as producer/director of radio and TV programme, mainly focusing on culture, the arts and society.

With a Fulbright professional scholarship, I was able to immerse myself in the magic of the big screen and of Hollywood (University of Southern California, Los Angeles – Postgraduate Diploma in TV and Cinema).

From TV production I moved to Advertising. As Creative Director I had the opportunity to work on important advertising campaigns like the global promotion of Cyprus as a tourist destination for the Cyprus Tourism Organisation.

Following that I went on to work as Communications and Public Relations Manager in tertiary education: first for the Cyprus International Institute of Management CIIM and then for Unicaf.

I write ever since I first held a pencil in my hand. Out of the need to communicate with fellow humans and with the goal to share my world with readers through images, feelings and experiences collected on the long road towards the discovery of the world around us and the world inside us. This long and exciting road, which begins with the ‘Sound of Music’, and ends with the ‘Sound of Silence’.

The second edition of my novella «Ποτέ ξανά τυρόπιτα, μ’ ακούς; » (‘Never a cheesepie again, you hear me?’) (Εκδόσεις Γραφή/Grafi Publishing) was published in Greece in 2017, after the first edition in Cyprus (Εκδόσεις Κυπροέπεια/Kyproepeia Publishing) was sold out.

In December 2019 my novel «Πεταλούδες στο Μπάνιο» ("Butterflies in the bathroom") was published in Cyprus (Telia Publlishing).

I have also written the stage play «Actus Reus», as part of the PLAY ON programme for new playwrights organized jointly by the Cyprus Theatre Organization and the International Theatre Institute. My play was presented in staged readings at the theatre ‘Warehouse’ (‘Αποθήκες’) of the Cyprus Theatre Organization and at the Home of Cyprus (Σπίτι της Κύπρου) in Athens, Greece.

In addition, I have written several radio plays, radio-chronicles, numerous scripts for TV documentaries, and other types of TV programmes, like childrens’, entertainment, cultural.

I am a member and Public Relations Officer of the Cyprus Centre of PEN International, a member of the Cyprus Union of Directors and a member of the multi-cultural improvisation group NUDNIKS.