Evridiki Pericleous - Papadopoulou

Evridiki Pericleous - Papadopoulou

Deputy Headmistress of Culture

Evridiki Pericleous - Papadopoulou was born in Nicosia and graduated from The Grammar School in 1969. She studied Music and Literature in Athens (1969-1974) and Education at the Aristotelion University, Salonica in 1983. Mrs Pericleous - Papadopoulou was also awarded with a degree from the Ionian University though the Cyprus Ministry of Education and Culture in 1988.

After she resigned from her teaching position in the public schools, she began teaching music at The Grammar School in 1985. She has created The Grammar School choir and orchestra which have been performing for 26 years in different events, including the prestigious “Cultural Evening” annual performances.

Mrs Pericleous - Papadopoulou became Deputy Headmistress of Culture in 2007. She is also the Director of the “Ioannis and Iro Gregoriou Foundation” which was established in June 2009.

In addition to her successful academic career, Mrs Pericleous-Papadopoulou is a renowned writer with many award-winning publications which include poetry, theatrical plays, short stories and research.

Poetry: Ki i Kyreneia mia anikti pligi (And Kyrenia an Open Wound), Nicosia 1982, Isterografa (Postscript), Nicosia 1985, Choris iroes (Without Heroes), Nicosia 1985, Anakaliman - ta Poietarika (Lament for Folk Verse), Athens 1999, Nefeli editions, Et Kerynia une plaie ouverte, Institut d’ Etude Neohelléniques, Editions Praxandre, Nancy, France 2002, Choras istorisi (Nicosia Historiated), Nefeli, Athens 2005. In 2005 Evridiki was awarded the State Prize for Poetry for Choras istorisi.

Research: O Zografos Costas Stathis (The Artist Costas Stathis), Cultural Services of the Ministry of Education and Culture and Telemachos Kanthos Foundation editions, Nicosia 2010.

Prose: Poémes et Recits, Institud d’ Etude Neo-Helleniques, Editions Praxandre, Nancy, France 2005.

Plays: To allo miso tou ouranou (The Other Half of the Heaven), Nefeli, Athens 1994, Cyprus Theatre Organisation (THOC) prize 1992, Fengari min klais (Don’t Cry Moon), Nefeli Editions, Athens 2006 (commended, THOC 1994), I siopi einai paraxeni apopse (The Silence is Strange Tonight), Nefeli Editions, Athens 2003, To Trakter (The Tractor), Prize in the ‘Playwriting Week’ competition of the Ministry of Education and Cultural Services and Theatro Ena, 2004, Andronikos i o Zografos (Andronikos or the Artist), commended THOC 2006. Filame min ximerosi (Kiss me Before Dawn) Ministry of Education and Culture and Theatro Ena prize, 2008, O Kairos ton Kataigidon (The Storm Era), commended by THOC, 2009.

Staged Plays: Fengari Min Klais (Don’t Cry Moon), Theatro Ena, May 1996, To allo miso tou ouranou (The Other Half of the Heaven), Nea Skini THOC, March 2003, “A Bar Called the Lost Paradise” Warehouse Theatre, 24th International Playwriting Festival 2010, Croydon Theatre, London, March 2010.
Cold Reading: To Trakter (The Tractor), Theatro Ena, 2004, Filame min ximerosi (Kiss me Before Dawn), Theatro Ena 2009.
CD Releases: Anakaliman - Ta Poietarika, To allo miso tou ouranou - The Other Half of the Heaven, Choras istorisi - Nicosia Historiated.
She has won prizes for her work in Greece and other European countries as well as in America, Asia and Canada.

Her works have been translated into Italian, French, English, Chinese and recently her collection of poems "Sta Ksokklesia ton Theon" (In the Chapels of the Gods) has been translated into Portuguese by the Casa de Mateus Foundation at Vila Real. Her poetry is included in various international anthologies.