Giorgos Moleskis

Giorgos Moleskis

Giorgos Moleskis was born in 1946 in the village of Lysi, Cyprus.He studied at the Nicosia English College and the Moscow State University – Lomonosov. He has an M.A. degree in Russian Language and Literature and a Ph.D. degree in Literature.

He worked at the Cultural Services Department of the Ministry of Education and Culture of Cyprus, in the position of Senior Cultural Officer and us the executive Adviser of the Cyprus Symphony Orchestra Foundation.

Giorgos Moleskis was awarded with a Cyprus State Honorary Diploma and a Cyprus State Prize for Poetry, as well as the Pushkin Metal from the Union of Russian Writes (Moscow Organization). He is, also, an Honorary Member of the State Academy of Slavic Culture of the Russian Federation, the Union of Cyprus Writers and the Hellenic Cypriot Cultural Association.

From 1967 until today he has published thirteen poetry collections, two books with collected poems, a study and eight books with poetry translations and three prose books.

Some of Giorgos Moleskis poetry books were translated and published in separate volumes in France, Italy, Serbia, Romania, Bulgaria and Albania. His poetry collection “The incomplete poem” was translated and published in Turkish language. Poems of Giorgos Moleskis have been translated and published in literary magazines and anthologies in Russia, Germany, France, Italy, Bulgaria, Rumania Turkey, Ukraine, Finland, Armenia, Estonia, Spain, Chile and other countries.



  • Beautiful country, poems, Cyprus 1967
  • The road, poems, Cyprus 1970
  • Autobiography, poems, Cyprus 1972
  • Great was the moon, poems, Cyprus 1980
  • The trees in the north, poems, Cyprus 1981
  • Transient spring, poems, Cyprus 1984
  • Larnaca drawings, poems, Cyprus 1987
  • The cistern of loves, poems, Cyprus 1987
  • The house and the time, poems, Cyprus 1990
  • Poems 1980 – 1990, collective book, Cyprus 1993
  • The water of memory, poems, Nicosia 1998
  • From the minimum, poems, Nicosia 2001
  • Awaiting rain, poems 1980 – 2001, Metaichmio Publications, Athens 2008
  • In the flux, poems, Dibaton publications, Nocosia 2009
  • The incomplete poem, poems, Metaichmio Publications, Athens 2014



  • The stolen grapes, novel, Cyprus 1985
  • When the sun entered the room, short stories, Vakxikon publications, Athens. First edition 2017, second edition 2019
  • Every July I return, novel, Vakxikon publications, Athens 2019


  • Pavlos Liasidis, The powers of the poetic talent, Cyprus 1995


  • A hundred years of Russian poetry, an anthology, Union of Cyprus Writers, Nicosia 1989
  • Vladimir Mayakovski, clout in pants – introduction – translation – comments, The tramakia publications, Salonica 1995
  • Atal Bihari Vazpei, 21 poems, Ministry of Education and Culture of Cyprus – Cultural Services Department, Nicosia 2002
  • Russian poets of the 20eth century, anthology – introduction – translation – comments, Publications Mesogeios (University of Cyprus and Ellinika Grammata), Athens. First publication 2004, third publication 2009
  • Cotemporary Turkish Cypriot poets. An attempt to communicate, introduction- translation, Topos publications, Athens 2010
  • Russian poetry of the 20eth century, anthology – translation – comments, Vakxikon publications, Athens 2018
  • Vladimir Mayakovski, PreRevolutionary poems, Vakxikon publications, Athens 2019
  • David of Sassoon, The Armenian Folk Epos, Vakxikon publications, Athens 2021.