Iosif S. Iosifidis (Joseph S. Josephides)

Iosif S. Iosifidis (Joseph S. Josephides)

18 Eleftheroupoleos, Ap.402, 2001, Strovolos, Cyprus

Born in Larnaca, Cyprus (1948). He is Mathematician (Athens Univ.), Economist (Economic Univ. of Athens). Has a PhD (Excellent) in Statistical Economics (Athens Univ., 1978) and lot of professional certificates (management, marketing etc).

Presently he is the President of the Cyprus’ Writers UnionCWU, Vice-President of the Hellenic Cypriot Cultural Association, Vice-President of the UNAC ̸ United Nations Association of Cyprus, Member of PEN Intern-Cyprus, and of other associations. As a director in Cyprus Popular Bank (1978-2001) he managed, among other duties, the bank’s Cultural and Training Centre, in its initial phase. He gave lectures in 3 private Universities of Cyprus, he became a writer in science with many articles, 4 books (Federation, Energy, economics, statistics, etc.) and 14 Studies. He had programmes in the national Radio-and-TV Station hosting shows and talks on EU, economy, culture. He served also as judge in the Tender Review Authority (2008-13).

He wrote 13 collections of poetry, short stories, three plays, theatre criticism, essays, monographs, a volume of philosophy about the Stoic philosopher Zeno Kitiefs. Some if his poems were set to music, translated into dozens of languages, published in Literary Magazines and Anthologies of EU-countries, USA, Australia. He translated and published Anthologies for TC poets Nobel laureates (Gibran, Neruda, Eliot

He represented the CWU at Literary Conferences in 3 EU-countries. He was awarded with 3 major foreign awards from: ‘The International Library of Poetry’, the International Academy ARTS-SCIENCE-LETTRES (Gold Medal), the French Poetry Organization APPEL | GRANDS PRIX ’for his poems in French. He has been a Knight of the Holy Sepulchre since 2004.


  1. "Route A - Where do you come from", Smili Publications, Athens, 2001
  2. "Route B – What do you want", Smili Publications, Athens, 2003
  3. "Route C - Eros infinitely", En Typos Publications, Nicosia, 2007
  4. "On Substance and Property", Parga Publications, Nicosia-Athens, 2010
  5. "Eros, Myth, Depth - 200 Haikou", Rome Publications, Salonica, 2017
  6. "Eros, Myth, Vathos-220 Haikou and 18 songs", Ed. Archytas, Athens, 2020
  7. "Music who works and works-18 songs", P.M.P. Business Angels Publ., 2018
  8. "Inside, Outside", Sokoli Publications, Athens, 2019
  9. "Kouros and Kore", Archytas Publications / SPEK, Athens, 2020
  10. "Somewhat faster never", P.M.P. Business Angels Publications, Nicosia, 2021
  11. "This space belongs to Cypris - poem anthology for Cyprus", self-published ’20
  12. "Our Lady of Grace - Greetings", e-book P.M.P. Business Angels Publ., 2021
  13. "Liturgy - God, Word, Nature", Archytas Publications / SPEK, 2022
  14. "An Alternative Dimension", Archytas Publications / SPEK, 2022


  • ‘I, Hitler’s lifeguard’, Archytas Publications, Athens, 2019
  • ‘Lazy king in agitation’, self-published, 2017 (advisor Nikos Charalambous)
  • ‘Antigone’, to be published by SPEK, Athens, 2021


  • The Athletic Speech of Kypros Chrysanthis, Publ. by Society for Cypriot Studies, 2016.
  • Traditional song-lyrics-dance, Publications of the Cyprus Studies Society, 2016.
  • Essays for Cavafy, Seferis and Panteli Mechnikos, publ by ‘Due to Writing’ (2018-19).
  • "Cyprus in the Struggle of 1821", Archytas Publications, 2021.
    "Gustavos Laffon and Vassilis Michailidis", Published by «The House of Latins» 2021.


  • Short Stories ‘In the River of Time, I, II’, Universal Paths Publ., Athens, 2017-8
  • Six short stories, Publications-Volumes, Philological Cyprus (2006-2016), Nicosia.


  • Critical Approaches to Literary Works, SPEK
  • Criticism on theatre plays, Cultural Column of the newspaper "POLITIS" (2008-2018)


  • Zeno of Kitium and Stoic philosophy, published by the Municipality of Larnaca, 2022.


  • "Contribution of Latins of Cyprus - 9th to 20th century", Publ. «The House of Latins»
  • «Cyprus in the Struggle of 1821», Archytas Publications, Athens, 2021.


  • "Lefkara Embroidery - History, Quality, Intern. Trade", Archytas Publications, 2021.

The main translations

  • ‘Anemoessa Cyprus’, Anthology, 24 T/Cypriot poets, Aristotelous Publishing, 2007
  • ‘PICNIC’ Arrabal Opera Libretto, P.M.P. Business Angels Publications, 2018.
  • English translation of poetry: Kal Exarchou, Sot. Pastaka, Sotiri Varnava (2016-18)
  • PHRASES 425 Cypriot Poets - Anthology in Greek, English, Spanish French (2021).
  • Popular Cypriot poets in Modern Greek, e-book P.M.P. Business Angels, 2021
  • «The Prophet» by Khalil Jipran, Archytas Publications, Athens, 2021
  • «Of Woman – special study on Neruda’s poetry» Archytas Publ, Athens (2021?)
  • The Magical World of Nobel Prize-winning Indian poet Tagore (2021?)
  • Poetry Anthologies for: Russia, France, Italy, Poland, USA-UK, Hispanic-spoken.

The main qualifications

Mathematician, Economist, Statistician, Author, ex-Professor in Universities

Chairman of Consulting Services Organization (+ former Bank Manager)

Actions related to literature
One of his novels in an Anglo-French Anthology, ed. Europe Space Agency, 2009.

Some of his poems were broadcast in radio stations of Cyprus, Greece, included in Anthologies and Magazines (UK, USA, France, Germany, Spain, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Estonia, etc.) posted on international websites, recited in ‘Poetry Days’.

Some of his poems were musically composed by well known Cypriot and Greek composers such as Dr. Konstantinos Stylianou (Cyprus, UK), Nikos Lekakos (Greece), Dr. Costas Rekleitis (USA, UK, Greece), Neophytos Stratis (USA, Cyprus), Savvas Savva (Russia, Cyprus). Criticism of his poetry was written, among others, by Costas Nikolaidis, Chr. Hatzippas, K. Katsonis, George Frangos, Chrysothemis Hatzipagi, Stelios Papantoniou, Dimitris Filias, Natasa Pavlakou, and some magazine editors.

He has delivered lectures (1980-2020) on literary and philosophical subjects, e.g.

  1. Intern Conference of Philosophy at the Univ of Cyprus «Europe with a Human Face»
  2. Philosophical Society of Cyprus: Cavafy and the Aristotelian friendship.
  3. Society of Cypriot Studies: «Cypriot Tradition, roots from antiquity» and
    «The writer Kypros Chrysanthis and his works on sports and athletic values»
  4. ROES - Multi-space of Letters and Art
    «Economics and Administration in the poetry by KP Cavafy»
    «Influences by writers of the Hellenistic and Roman periods on Cavafy’s poetry»
    «Influences of Latin writers and Dante on Cavafy’s poetry »
    «Literature and Subversiveness»
  5. Strovolos Cultural Center: «Cavafy and Aristotelian friendship»
  6. The Cafe of Thursday «Pantelis Mechanikos, Internationalism, Humanism».
  7. Larnaca House of Letters and Arts «The poetry of Larnaca : Xanthos Lysiotis».
  8. In other cultural centres:
    «Cavafy - Death, Fate and Folk Song»
    «Influence of French and English-speaking writers on Cavafy’s poetry»
    «Influences of Gustavos Laffon on Vassilis Michailidis the national poet of Cyprus»

Iosif S. Iosifidis is also the Chairman of the Awards Committees of the Hellenic Cypriot Cultural Association for a) the Writer’s Award for the entirety of his work, b) the Award of Humanism, c) the Award for the Scientist. The Cypriots already awarded are the following: Kyriacos Charalambidis, Andreas Onoufriou, Kika Poulcheriou

Activities related to freedom of speech and expression

At the Digital Broadcasting Station SOLOMOS of the Greek Cultural Association of Cyprus | SPEK he welcomes personalities and presents their work and contribution to the Culture of Cyprus and Greece. He also presents the projects in Diaspora by Greek communities, and records tradition, history and also the work of Institutions for Culture. He directs the TV-show "Science performing the best" for scientific achievements and the "On Substance and Property" with socio-economic, European and cultural issues.

Types of promotion for his own literature

See: blogging, international internet nodes Archytas, Sokoli, magazines (Theth, Diodos, Nea Eftyni), Digital WEB RadioTV "SOLOMOS" and International Website, Facebook Page SPEK, Facebook Page «Solomos», web RadioTV SPEK, YouTube Channel of the Hellenic Cypriot Association of Cyprus.

Awards, Distinctions(indicative, among others)

  • 2007: "Best Poems, Best Poets" Award from "The International Library of Poetry"
  • 2008: Higher Distinction "EDITOR’S CHOICE AWARD" from the International Poetry Organization "The International Library of Poetry"
  • 2014: The International Academy ARTS-SCIENCE-LETTRES awarded him the Gold Medal-Award for all his work and his contribution to Letters, Science and Culture in Europe and Cyprus.
  • 2019: GRANDS PRIX (Grand Prize) by the French Cultural Organization APPEL, for his translated poems by Angela Mikallou-Jourdan (published in France for the EU).

Contact Details:


Phone Num.: 99 411 433