Ioulia Vasilea Pachniotou

Ioulia Vasilea Pachniotou

Julia Vasilea Pachniotou was born in Vasa Koilaniou. She studied Greek literature at the National and Kapodistrian University of Athens. A long-serving secondary school teacher, she had filled most teaching positions within the secondary education sector, including deputy head and headmistress, up until her retirement.
She was a founding member of the ‘Vasilis Michaelides’ Limassol Writer’s Association, and founder of the ‘Shelter for Ancient Greeks’, at the Holy Metropolis of Limassol.
She is currently a member of the ‘National Society of Greek Writers of Cyprus’, the ‘PEN Writer’s Union’, the ‘Vasilis Michaelides’ Limassol Writer’s Association, and the ‘Asia Minor Union’.
She is assistant to the secretary of the ‘Greek Ladies Lyceum of Famagusta’ club, as well as head of the literature department at the ‘Limassol cultural club’ and organizing secretary of ‘Vasa Koilaniou’s association for friends and expatriates’.

Ιn 1999, she published her first poetry anthology, titled ‘Stigmata’ and in 2012 she followed with a second, ‘Apostagmata’. Vasilea’s poems are featured in both Greek and Cypriot poetry anthologies and have been translated into English, French and German, with some having been set to music.

Vasilea’s thorough research into the hideouts of guerrilla fighters of the Greek Cypriot War of Independence between 1955 and 1959, and her subsequent book, ‘Limeria-Krisfigeta Agona 1955-59’, published in 2017, were awarded by the International Art Academy & Society in its 2019 literature competition, with the book later being named ‘book of the year’ by EPOK.
Her research continues today, focusing on hideouts in the Paphos and Kyrenia regions.

The year 2019 brought Vasilea worldwide accolade, following two wins for her unpublished poetry anthology, ‘Periagogi’, including fifth place in the ‘K.P Kavafis’ worldwide poetry competition and the ‘Aeschylus prize’, both awarded by the International Art Academy & Society.

More recently, she published her first novel, titled ‘Mia Fora Allios’, which is now her second published work to be named ‘book of the year’ by EPOK.

Her book ‘Limeria-Krisfigeta Agona 1955-59’, can be found at ‘Par’ imin’ bookshop in Athens, on Charliaou Trikoupi street, at ‘Solonion Book Centre’, in Nicosia and at ‘Kyriacou bookshop’ in Limassol, Cyprus. The book is also available for direct sale by the author, who can be reached at 99696312.