Yiola Damianou Papadopoulou

Yiola Damianou Papadopoulou

Socratous 14, 2415 Engomi, Nicosia, Cyprus

Yiola Damianou Papadopoulou was born in Nicosia, Cyprus, and lived most of her life between Congo, Nigeria and Cyprus. She studies journalism and collaborated with radio stations, magazines and newspapers in Cyprus writing articles and doing research. For a number of years, she was general secretary for the Society of Greek Writers in Cyprus, a member of the Association of Childrens’ books and PEN. She has written stories for children and adults and has won numerus award and prices in Cyprus, Greece and Europe. For a number of years, she has contributed to the development and promotion of children’s and young adult literature with lectures and visits to libraries, primary schools and gymnasiums in Cyprus and Greece. And has repeatedly presented her work at the National Society of Greek Writers in Athens and Cyprus as well as at the Cyprus House in Athens.


Adult Fiction

  • ‘Batoure’ 1988 self-publication.
  • ‘Wispers of the Forest’ 1992, 2001 publisher Aggira
  • ‘Moments in Africa’ 1994 publisher Livanis
  • ‘Journey of My Heart’ 1999 publisher Aggira
  • ‘A life’s Destiny’ 2003 publisher Aggira
  • ‘My Other half’ 2008 publisher Pataki
  • ‘Hold on to Your Dreams’ 2010 publisher Okeanida
  • ‘This is how I want to Remember’ 2011 publisher Okeanida
  • ‘A Slow Dance’ 2013 publisher Dioptra
  • ‘Life is Love’ 2014 publisher Psichogios
  • ‘If I Knew of Another Way to Love You’ 2016 publisher Psichogios
  • ‘Electra, The Tears of Africa’ 2017 publisher Psichogios
  • ‘An Unforgivable Mistake’ 2019 publisher Psichogios
  • Children‘s and Young Adult’s Fiction
  • ‘All the Children of the World’ 2004 publisher Patakis
  • ‘The Blue Dragon’ 2006 publisher En Toipis
  • ‘The Blue Dragon’ English translation 2013 Wattle publishing
  • ‘Through the Shadows of the Moon’ 2007 Cyprus National Press Award
  • ‘Gabi’s Abduction’ 2010 publisher Aggira
  • ‘Roxanna’s Revenge’ 2015 publisher Pargas
  • ‘Who Murdered the Elephants’ 2021 publisher Telia


  • The short story ‘The Freedom to play, to believe and to love in peace’ or ‘Freedom of the Soul’ has been translated into English and Italian. ‘ero_in_quell_eta’ 2007
  • The novel (Young Adult Fiction) ‘The Blue Dragon’ was translated and published in English by Wattle Publishing.
    The short story ‘Motoube’s Smile’ was also translated into English.


  • Received the Cyprus State Award in 1994 for the novel ‘Whispers of the Forest’.
  • Received the Short Story Award from the Art & Letters Review in 1980. Pyrgos, Ilias.
  • Received the Cyprus State Award in 2006 for the Children‘s novel ’All the Children of the World’ publisher Patakis
  • Received the Cyprus National Press Award in 2007 for the Children‘s novel ’Through the Shadows of the Moon’ to promote the spirit of equality and equal opportunity for all.
  • Received a European Prize award in 2007 for the short story ‘The Freedom to play, to believe and to love in peace’ by the municipalities of Val di Nievole, Italy.
  • Received the Cyprus State Award in 2011 for the young adult‘s novel ’Gabi‘s Abduction’. Publisher Aggira.
  • ‘Roxanna’s Revenge’ was short listed in 2015 for the Cyprus State Award.


I have participated in the past (1966-1969) in literary activities with various organizations and consequently with the Cyprus Radio Foundation. I held a column in the newspapers Agon and Politis of intellectual and artistic content. I often collaborate with elementary and high schools giving talks on promoting literacy. I have given talks regarding my books to several locations around Cyprus and Greece.

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